Гродно в дневниках Зофьи Налковской

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Светлана Мусиенко


The article concerns the Grodno/Hrodna period of Nałkowska’s life. She introduced Hrodna
to the pages of best works: ”Ściany świata”, ”Niedobra miłość”, ”Granica”, and ”Węzły życia”.
The writer’s five-year stay in the Neman river region enriched her works, the source of which
was her diary. It became an important document of the epoch, in which the author is both the
narrator and the main character.
In her diary, Nałkowska reveals the secrets of her private life, and at the same time shows
the provincial world and her social work, taking care of prisoners in the local prison; she also
devotes a lot of attention to the local people. She tries to understand why her predecessor,
Eliza Orzeszkowa, did not want to leave the place. Considerable attention is also paid to Józef
Piłsudski’s visit in her home: the writer was fascinated by Piłsudski both as an interesting
personality, and as a distinguished politician.


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Мусиенко, С. (2010) „Гродно в дневниках Зофьи Налковской”, ANNALES UNIVERSITATIS PAEDAGOGICAE CRACOVIENSIS. STUDIA LINGUISTICA, (5). Dostępne na: https://studialinguistica.uken.krakow.pl/article/view/5045 (Udostępniono: 12 lipiec 2024).
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