O niektórych multimodalnych zapożyczeniach angielskich. Spojrzenie lingwistyczno-kulturowe

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Bogusław Skowronek


In the article, the author discusses words borrowed from English, such as hello, sorry, wow and babe, existing in students’ spoken language. Their usage illustrates changes in modern culture, demonstrates characteristic cultural tendencies and reveals the influence of the media on young people’s language. The main communicative and cultural tendencies focused on in the analysis include: creativity, togetherness, media communication (mostly the emphasis on phatic and perfomative aspects of exchanges), multimodality, pragmatic multifunctionality and co-functionality.n the number of items listed, an attempt at describing the situation is made.


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Skowronek, B. (2011) „O niektórych multimodalnych zapożyczeniach angielskich. Spojrzenie lingwistyczno-kulturowe”, ANNALES UNIVERSITATIS PAEDAGOGICAE CRACOVIENSIS. STUDIA LINGUISTICA, (6). Dostępne na: https://studialinguistica.uken.krakow.pl/article/view/5079 (Udostępniono: 16 lipiec 2024).
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